Mezhigorie/Mezhyhyria — the Residence of the Former President Viktor Yanukovych

After returning to Kiev from Ordzhonikidze, I stayed for a few weeks with my relatives, relaxing and doing very little — just battling the steadily increasing heat of early summer. Then, a few days before my departure for Germany, we went to Mezhigorie/Mezhyhyria (Межигорие/Межигiр’я), the former residence of the former President Viktor Yanukovych, the wonderful politician who did the wonderful job of escalating the political … Continue reading Mezhigorie/Mezhyhyria — the Residence of the Former President Viktor Yanukovych


I flew from Nice to London, and arrived at my destination shortly before 1AM. I was not a happy camper, and even though I was not behind the wheel, the whole driving-on-the-left-hand-side-of-the-road thing had me completely disoriented. This was not a nice start to the one full day that I spent in London. Said one full day didn’t improve a whole lot, either. I wonder … Continue reading London


Although I went straight to Nice from Avignon (after a five-hour-plus train journey), I spent only a few hours in Nice on my first day. My final destination for that day was a mountain village called Marie, population — roughly 30 (I don’t know what the actual, recorded population is, though…90 maybe? Can’t be more than 100 — and most of them only show up … Continue reading Marie


After Istres I headed to Avignon, which was less than an hour away by train. It was definitely a nice experience of walking around and taking in beautiful architecture and interesting history. Not that I learned a whole lot about the history while I was there (did more Google-searching after the fact, instead). It was actually a very calm place, and I had a rather … Continue reading Avignon


I arrived in Carcassonne ready to spend any amount of money necessary to get a warm bed and medicine. I felt like death. I had found some Advil in my bag and taken it, but that only eased my symptoms for a short period of time. Within a few hours, I felt awful again. Thank you, oh lovely Bordeaux rain. Carcassonne, by contrast, was not … Continue reading Carcassonne


My experience in Bordeaux was definitely an interesting one. For one thing, it began with stress: the woman with whom I was supposed to be boarding for the three nights I was there, and who was supposed to meet me at the train station, was unexpectedly absent and not responding to any of my attempts to contact her. I waited in the train station for … Continue reading Bordeaux