After five weeks in Ukraine, I was ready to travel some more. I flew from Kiev to the airport in Lübeck, Germany, and then took a bus to Hamburg. The journey took about an hour, but there was so much beautifully green scenery on either side of the highway, that the trip didn’t seem nearly as long. I arrived in Hamburg pretty late that day, and so headed straight to where I was staying. The result was that I had only one full day (with bipolar weather) to actually see Hamburg. Unfortunate, really; Hamburg is beautiful and green and — one of my favourite aspects — very clean.

I wandered around and saw as many of the main sites as I could, though the only “attraction” that I actually visited was Miniatur Wunderland, a model railway exhibition (the largest of its kind in the world, apparently) that was highly recommended to me. And I understood why. It was a spectacular sight. All the models of different parts of Europe with trains running through them (through cities, through mountains) were so incredibly detailed and carefully thought-through, I was simply blown away. One could stand there and stare at this miniature world for hours — there’s constantly something new happening. There were many different kinds of models, including one of a mine in winter, another of a massive, fully functioning airport, and even a model tropical island surrounded by (real) water, yachts and ships floating and moving around in it. If ever you are in Hamburg, I highly recommend this.


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